My name is Steph. 20.
Bruins. Patriots. Red Sox.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Aaron Paul.
Sigma Gamma Phi.
Breaking Bad. Sharks.
Daniel Day-Lewis. Tarantino Films. Star Trek. Sherlock. X Men.
Mumford & Sons.The Beatles
Robert Redford. Leonardo DiCaprio.
Lord of the Rings. Mob movies.

This story keeps on getting better and better


This story keeps on getting better and better


not a drama queen, a drama khaleesi


This is hands down the best parody twitter ever


ppl be talkin about the new 3d/live action spongebob movie but all i can think is


tumblr is all like OMGZ Jenson Jared TOM HidDlsTon and RDI anfd Dostor Who man and CumberBatch!!!!11111

any of you fools ever seen Robert Redford cause hot DAMNNNNNNNNN

Most beautiful man to ever grace this earth and any to tell me otherwise is WRONG

(i mean in his young days but at 77 He’s still goddamn perfect)

Remembering you that way? It wouldn’t be so bad. At least last night, you were… you were real. You know? 

the biggest disappointment in life is when good shows have a bad episode like i waited a week and u give me this shit 


my mom meant to post a picture of her dog and posted a picture of a turkey insteadimage